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New For 2016!  The Arctic Armor Pro Suit, available exclusively at Pro Fishing Supply ..... featuring underarm zipper vents, full length leg zippers, and an insulated hood that can be stowed inside the collar!     Arctic Armor Pro Suit 


Innovative Designs Inc. (I.D.I. Gear) offers the Arctic Armor Suit, the Arctic Armor Pro Suit, the Arctic Armor Plus Suit, and the Arctic Armor Light Suit, which revolutionize Ice Fishing, Hunting, Snowmobiling and any other outdoor cold weather activity. 


Arctic Armor Suits, Arctic Armor Pro Suits, and Arctic Armor Plus Suits feature 3 layers of I.D.I Gear's exclusive thermal insulator INSULTEX™.  One layer of INSULTEX protects a person to sub-zero temperatures.  Multiple layers of INSULTEX provide practically unlimited levels of insulation.  Arctic Armor Suits with INSULTEX are warm, windproof, waterproof, and buoyant – if you go into the water wearing an Arctic Armor Suit you will float! 


The Arctic Armor Light Suit features 1 layer of thicker INSULTEX which provides 2/3 of the insulation found in the other Arctic Armor suits.  Designed for increased levels of activity and/or slightly warmer temperatures, the Arctic Armor Light Suit is warm, windproof, waterproof and buoyant – and it will float you if you go into the water!


I.D.I. Gear perfected this design under the strictest guidelines to ensure buoyancy for fisherman and other outdoorsman.  Arctic Armor Suits with INSULTEX consist of micro-air molecules trapped inside the fabric to enhance buoyancy and warmth.  Stay warm and stay safe!


Special Note:  Arctic Armor Suits have become popular with Police and Sheriff Departments, Highway Departments, Water Patrols, Search and Rescue Units, DNR and Conservation Officers, and other professionals that make their living in cold, wet outdoor environments!  These guys know good gear when they see it!  The Black Arctic Armor Suit and the Arctic Armor Snowmobile Jacket are popular choices with many of these professionals!


Special Limited Time Offer:  We have the I.D.I. Gear Half Zip Camo Jacket with INSULTEX on sale while supplies last. 

Save 50% or more on this incredibly warm and lightweight jacket, made with the same thermal insulator as Arctic Armor!




Arctic Armor™ Suits are available in the following styles and colors ........ 

Get a FREE PAIR of Arctic Armor Gloves When You Buy An Arctic Armor Suit! Arctic Armor Camo Suit Arctic Armor


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Arctic Armor Snowmobile Jacket
Arctic Armor Light Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Designed For Higher Levels Of Activity
    Or Slightly Warmer Temperatures
·  Zipper Vents Under Arms For Ventilation
·  Bibs Are Solid Black
Arctic Armor Plus Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Features A Brushed Tricot
    Lining In The Jacket and Bibs
Arctic Armor Camo Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Soft, Quiet Material Is Ideal For Hunting
Arctic Armor Red / Black Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Available In Sizes XX-Small To 5 XL
Arctic Armor Black Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Bibs Are Solid Black
Arctic Armor Snowmobile Jacket
·  It Floats!
·  Hood Can Be Stowd Inside Collar
·  Jacket Skirt Allows For Snug Fit
· Jacket Skirt Stops Cold Air From Entering
·  Bibs Are Solid Black
Arctic Armor 1/2 Zip Pullover
·  Close-Out!  Save $70.00!
·  Insultex Thermal Insulation
·  Soft, Quiet Material Is Ideal For Hunting
·  Waterproof and Windproof
Arctic Armor Gloves Arctic Armor Mtts Arctic Armor Hats Arctic Armor Hats Arctic Armor Balaclava Style Face Mask Hoods
Arctic Armor Pro Suit
Arctic Armor Pro Suit
·  It Floats!
·  Zipper Vents Under Arms For Ventilation
·  Insulated Hood Stows Inside Collar
· Full Length Leg Zippers In Bibs
·  Available Exclusively at Pro Fishing Supply
Arctic Armor Red / Black Suit Arctic Armor Plus Suit Arctic Armor Light Suit Arctic Armor Black Suit Arctic Armor Camo Close-Outs Close-Out Pricing On Waterproof Camo Half Zip Jacket With Insultex!
Arctic Armor Gloves and Accessories
·  Free Gloves With Every Suit!
·  Gloves and Mitts
·  Hats
·  Balaclava Style Hoods
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Click Here To See Clothing Close-Out Sales!