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Lowrance x67C
Lowrance x67C Ice Machine
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Lowrance x67c and Lowrance x67c Ice Machine!!!

The Lowrance x67c is an exciting new 256-color sonar performer with temp at a great low price! This unit packs a lot into a small package - 320x240 resolution, FishReveal™, HyperScroll™, ASP™, COLORLINE®, and more!


Specialized Ice Fishing Version!!!

The Lowrance x67c Ice Machine is a brilliant 256-color TFT portable sonar system. So complete and versatile it's revolutionizing ice fishing! This is a complete ice fishing package - carrying bag, battery well with battery tie-downs, rechargeable battery, battery charger, swingout transducer bracket and more!  Comes with a specialized 200 kHz bullet shaped transducer for ice fishing, and accepts other Lowrance transducer options for versatile, all-season portable fishfinding.


  • High-bright 3.5" (8.9cm) diagonal 256-color, 1/4 VGA active matrix TFT transflective LCD that optimizes cold climate performance
  • Impressive 320 x 240 (h x w) pixel resolution
  • White LED backlighting for the screen and keypad in night or low-light viewing
  • 6 background color choices
  • Simplified keypad with Menu keys
  • Space-saving case design with adjustable tilt, quick-mount/release convenience

Performance Features

  • Depth penetration to 600 feet (183 m)
  • True 800 watts peak-to-peak transmit power
  • Exclusive new full-screen color LCD flasher display with COLORLINE™
  • FishReveal™ feature exposes fish targets hidden in cover
  • HyperScroll™ displays fish targets at higher boat speeds
  • FasTrack™ vertical flasher bar
  • Overlay data with 4 data display sizes
  • Standard sonar features - Advanced Signal Processing (ASP™), COLORLINE™, Advanced Fish Symbol I.D.™, FishTrack™, multi-zoom options, sonar alarms, backup memory, and more
  • Advanced receiver design offers enhanced sensitivity and target detail, as well as greater resistance to electrical interference
  • Zoom bottom tracking with 2X and 4X zoom-in/out and vertical zoom pan control


  • x67C comes with low-profile high-performance 200 kHz Skimmer® - with built-in water surface temp sensor
  • x67C Ice Machine comes with Special 200 kHz bullet shaped transducer
  • Up to 60-degree coverage area using high sensitivity


Lowrance x67c w/ 200 khz transducer
Lowrance x67c Ice Machine w/ 200 khz bullet-shaped transducer
Free Shipping On Lowrance x67c and x67c Ice Machine!

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