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Marcum LX-6SLI Digital Lithium Combo

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Marcum LX-6SLI Lithium Power Shuttle Combo


Marcum Lithium Shuttle


Add the long-life power of Lithium ION to your MarCumģ LX-6S!. Compact, lightweight and long-lasting power source, the Lithium Shuttle is powered by a 12-volt 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery which can extend your unitís continuous run time up to 40 hours. See all Lithium Shuttle features here!


Marcum LX-6s Digital Ice Sonar System

From the ice age to the digital age, Marcum's LX-7 transformed the game of finding fish on frozen water. Now the Marcum LX-6s gives anglers all the same benefits and features in a more compact, more affordable system with a 6 inch Flat Panel display!


The Marcum LX-6sís user-defined Sonar Display gives anglers fully customized views, including:

      Traditional flasher dial

        Digital water depth display

       Vertical water column display

        Vertical zoom display

       Traditional horizontal LCD graph display


In addition, the LX-6sís on-screen Dashboard is also fully customizable and user-defined. Select important information to display including digital depth, battery voltage, depth range, gain setting, interference rejection (IR), target adjust, and/or any combination thereof.


The LX-6sís Dynamic Depth Interface uses MarCumís advanced sonar engine to maximize display space at any depth. For example, rather than using a 40-foot depth scale to fish in 27 feet of water, the LX-6s software auto-calibrates the depth range, so sonar real estate --and target resolution -- are maximized at all times and in all depths!


TheMarcum LX-6s includes Sonar Footprint technology which displays the 3-dimensional scan area at any depth, with either the 8o or 20o transducer cone angles. This provides anglers a keen awareness of fish targets relative to the transducer, and also helps prevent adjacent (non-MarCum) sonar users from picking up interfering LX-6s pulses by avoiding the ďfootprintĒ area.


The Marcum LX-6s comes preloaded with the full menu of MarCumís patented features, as well as a USB port for future upgradability.  The LX-6s also comes with a deluxe padded soft pack, battery, charger, and dual beam transducer.


Technical Specs Data:

        6 inch high-resolution waterproof display (640H x 480V pixels)

        Dual Beam 8o or 20o transducer

        4 color palette options (two 3-color pallettes, one 6-color pallete, and grayscale)

        TrueTime sonar response transmits signal returns from the transducer to the display in .02 seconds (5x faster than eye-to-brain)

        7 manual depth ranges and 1 automatic dynamic depth range setting

        4800 watts PtP, 600 watts RMS

        3/4 inch target separation

        Target Adjust magnifies fish and lure signals without increasing gain

        Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom, and Bottom Lock Zoom

        12 levels of Interference Rejection (IR)

        Internal LCD heater for use in extreme cold

         Adjustable LCD backlight

        Full 2 year warranty on LX-6S (1 year warranty on Lithium Shuttle)

        Made in the USA


all%20ice%20flashers.jpg Big Savings On The Marcum LX-6s! Free Shipping On The Marcum LX-6SLI Lithium Shuttle Combo!
Marcum LX-6SLI Digital Lithium Combo
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Marcum LX-6SLI Digital Lithium Combo
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Marcum LX-6S Digital Sonar System (ie. No Lithium Shuttle)
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