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From the ice age to the digital age, the MarCum LX-7 has transformed the game of finding fish on frozen water. With over a decade of cutting edge sonar design in the making, the radically innovative LX-7 is built with the optimum blend of sonar DNA from MarCum’s Flasher and Digital Fish Finding technologies. A true breakthrough in “big picture” ice sonar, the MarCum LX-7 presents anglers with an incredible interactive ice fishing experience in a panoramic 8-inch LCD environment.  Multiple industry-exclusive features provide a dazzling array of precious fish-finding intelligence!


The LX-7’s user-defined Sonar Display gives anglers fully customized views, including:

·         Traditional flasher dial

·        Digital water depth display

·         Vertical water column display

·        Vertical zoom display

·         Traditional horizontal LCD graph display


In addition, the LX-7’s on-screen Dashboard is also fully customizable and user-defined.  Select important information to display including digital depth, battery voltage, depth range, gain setting, interference rejection (IR), target adjust, and/or any combination thereof.


TheLX-7’s Dynamic Depth Interface uses MarCum’s advanced sonar engine to maximize display space at any depth. For example, rather than using a 40-foot depth scale to fish in 27 feet of water, the LX-7 software auto-calibrates the depth range, so sonar real estate --and target resolution -- are maximized at all times and in all depths!


The Marcum LX-7 includes Sonar Footprint technology which displays the 3-dimensional scan area at any depth, with either the 8o or 20o transducer cone angles. This provides anglers a keen awareness of fish targets relative to the transducer, and also helps prevent adjacent (non-MarCum) sonar users from picking up interfering LX-7 pulses by avoiding the “footprint” area.


The Marcum LX-7 comes preloaded with the full menu of MarCum’s patented features, as well as a USB port for future upgradability.  The LX-7 also comes with a deluxe padded softpack, battery, charger, and dual beam transducer.


Technical Specs Data:

·         8 inch high-resolution waterproof display (800H x 600V pixels)

·         Dual Beam 8o or 20o transducer

·        4 color palette options (two 3-color pallettes, one 6-color pallete, and grayscale)

·        TrueTime sonar response transmits signal returns from the transducer to the display in .02 seconds (5x faster than eye-to-brain)

·        7 manual depth ranges and 1 automatic dynamic depth range setting

·         4800 watts PtP, 600 watts RMS

·         ½ inch target separation

·        Target Adjust magnifies fish and lure signals without increasing gain

·         Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom, and Bottom Lock Zoom

·         12 levels of Interference Rejection (IR)

·        Internal LCD heater for use in extreme cold

·         Adjustable LCD backlight

·        Rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp battery and battery charger

·         Full 2 year warranty

·        Made in the USA

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Marcum LX-7 Digital Ice Sonar System

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