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The World’s First HIGH-PERFORMANCE Electric Ice Auger, featuring Lithium ION technology. 


ION Ice Augers are a Game Changer.  Fast and powerful "power-auger" performance without the hassles.  On a single charge the ION Electric Ice Auger will drill up to 40 holes through 2 feet of ice with the 8 inch auger ..... and up to 72 holes through 2 feet of ice with the 6 inch auger!

REVERSE to Flush Your Holes Clear of Ice!  Ion augers reverse direction, allowing you to quickly flush the slush down your hole.  No more scooping means you'll be fishing faster! 

Lightweight And Easy To Carry!  At only 22 lbs, Ion Augers weigh nearly 40% less than many gas-powered augers.  That extra 10-15 pounds is substantial.  This means less effort drilling and more time and energy to concentrate on the fishing!

Only The Noise Of Cutting Ice!  So quiet you’ll notice only the sound of shredding ice … or the sound of a gas-powered auger in the distance. 

No Gas!  No Oil!  No Fumes!  All you need to do is charge the battery, go to the lake, and start drilling.  No need to stop at a gas station, calculate a fuel/oil mixture, or store unused mixed gas.  And no spilled gas in your vehicle or on the ice, and no smelling noxious fumes!

On-Board High Energy 40V MAX Lithium Ion Battery!  Planetary Gear Transmission! ION Augers feature lithium ion technology, the most advanced battery technology available today.  And ION Augers give you maximum efficiency at the lightest weight possible with the optimal combination of weight and high-power delivery.

Smooth Cuts Every Time! The No Catch Cutting System features the Spot On centering ring which allows you to re-open frozen holes.  Together with the Straight Through blade design, ION virtually eliminates catching at breakthrough, saving you from the jarring stops or yanks you get from other power augers.  You get smooth cuts all the way through, and no jagged ice edges at the bottom of the hole that can fray you line and cost you big fish!

ION Electric Ice Auger features include:

·         On-Board, high-energy 40V MAX lithium ion battery

·         Reverse to flush your holes clear of ice

·        Easy-grip handlebars

·         Large, ergonomically positioned trigger

·        46 inch auger length when using the FREE 12-inch auger extension

·         6 or 8 inch steel auger

·         Weighs 22 lbs

·         Environmentally Friendly

·         Battery completely recharges in only 1 to 1 1/2 hours

·        2-Year Product Warranty

·         1-Year Battery Warranty



ION Electric Ice Auger

ION Electric Ice Auger

Free Shipping On ION Electric Ice Augers! pfs_augers002042.jpg Big Savings On ION Electric Ice Augers! all%20ice%20augers.jpg all%20ice%20augers.jpg
ION Electric Ice Auger - 8 Inch Auger With REVERSE
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The ION Electric Auger Cuts 40 Holes On A Single Charge! ION Electric Ice Augers Weigh Only 22 lbs!
Cuts Holes
Just As Fast
As Any Gas
Or Propane
Power Auger!
Free Shipping On ION Electric Ice Augers! ION Electric Ice Augers On Sale With Free Shipping!
ION Electric Ice Auger - 6 Inch Auger With REVERSE
ION Auger 40V MAX Replacement Battery
ION Auger Replacement Blades - 8 Inch Blades
ION Auger Replacement Blades - 6 Inch Blades
ION Auger Bit - 10 Inch Auger Bit
ION Ice Augers On Sale Now!
ION Ice Augers On Sale Now!
            Free $50 Value While Supplies Last!
   Free Extra Set Of Blades With Every 8" ION Auger!
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Free Blades Wtih Each Ion Auger While Supplies Last!

ION Augers Cut Just As Fast As Any Gas Or Propane Auger!

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