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We took the world's best auger and made it better!  The re-designed Ion X is built for extra holes and increased precision.  The all-new 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing anglers to cut an astounding 1,600 inches of ice on a single charge.  Whether drilling new holes or re-drilling old, frozen holes, Ion Xs innovative cast bottom with centering point cuts more smoothly and accurately than ever before!


High Capacity Battery!  The NEW 5 Amp-Hour XC5 Battery in the Ion X Auger has over 60% more capacity than the original 3 Amp-Hour Ion Battery, which means more cutting, more fishing, and less recharging!


LED Lighting!  Ion X features a drill-activated LED lighting system.  Illuminate the ice, making it easy to use for night fishing and for drilling holes inside ice houses.


Smoothest Cutting Auger Ever!  The Ion X features a new cast bottom.  The single piece design precisely positions each blade and ensures consistent edge engagement, even in dirty ice or when re-drilling old, frozen holes.  Nothing cuts smoother!


ION X Electric Ice Augerfeatures include:

         High capacity 40V MAX 5 Amp-Hour XC5 lithium ion battery

        Reverse to flush your holes clear of ice

         Easy-grip handlebars with a narrower profile for easier access to drill in the corners of your shelter

         Large, ergonomically positioned trigger

         46 inch auger length when using the FREE 12-inch auger extension

         8 or 10 inch steel auger

         Weighs 22 lbs (8" Ion X) or 25 lb (10" Ion X)

        Environmentally Friendly

         Battery completely recharges in only 1 to 1 1/2 hours

        2-Year Product Warranty

         1-Year Battery Warranty



ION X Electric Ice Auger

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ION X Electric Ice Auger - 8 Inch Auger With REVERSE
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Free Shipping On ION X Augers!
ION X Augers On Sale Now! ION X Augers On Sale Now! Ion X Auger Ion X Auger Ion X Auger Ion X Auger Ion X LED Light System For Easy Drilling In Dark Conditions! XC5 Battery Has Over 60% More Capacity Than The Original ION!
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Each Ion X Electric Auger
       Comes With An 
          Extra Set of
   While Supplies Last!
ION Auger XC5 40V MAX Replacement Battery
ION Auger Bit - 10 Inch Auger Bit
ION Battery Bag
ION Auger Carry Bag
ION Quick Release With Anchor Drill Adapter
ION X Electric Ice Auger - 10 Inch Auger With REVERSE
ION Auger Replacement Blades - 8 Inch Blades
ION Auger Replacement Blades - 10 Inch Blades
           Free $50 Value While Supplies Last!
   Free Extra Set Of Blades With Every ION X Auger!
Free Blades Wtih Each Ion Auger While Supplies Last!

ION X Augers Have 60% More Battery Capacity!

 --- On Sale Now!
 --- On Sale Now!
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