K Drill Ice Auger

Designed specifically for the speedy revolutions of hand-hand cordless drills, the K-Drill Ice Auger weighs just 5 lbs yet quickly and easily slices through the ice!  Available in 6 or 8 models.

Equipped with composite flighting, the K-Drill is strong and lightweight.  The unique flighting design stops messy ice shavings from being scattered far from the hole, keeping them off the floor of your fish house and making for easy clean-up.

The flotation system keeps your K-Drill floating safely at the top of the hole in case it ever comes detached from your drill.

The carbon steel chipper blades are excellent for drilling new holes and for re-opening old holes.  The centering tip eliminates blade instability and allows for a quick start and a fast hole every time.  Includes protective plastic blade cover.





K-Drill Ice Auger - 8 Inch (IDRL08)
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K-Drill Ice Auger - 6 Inch (IDRL06)
K-Drill Auger Extension - 12 Inch (IDRLEXT)
K-Drill Ice Auger K-Drill Ice Auger With Chipper Blades And Centering Tip The K-Drill Ice Auger is lightweight and easy to use!
K-Drill Replacement Blades - 8 Inch (IDRLBL8)
K-Drill Replacement Blades - 6 Inch (IDRLBL6)
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The Best Cordless Drill Auger Made!

K-Drill Drill Requirements

The K-Drill requires a  inch chuck cordless drill.  Best results are achieved when paired with an 18 Volt / 4 Amp (or higher) Brushless Lithium Ion drill spinning at 500 750 rpm, minimum 725 in/lbs or 820 UWO of torque. A side stabilizer arm for gripping is recommended.

Drills officially approved for K-Drill use include:

Milwaukee Models: #2703-22, #2704-22, #2810-22, #2709-22


DeWalt Models: #DCD997B, #DCD991P2, #DCD996P2, #DCD997P2-BT, #DW124K


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