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  • ProMariner ProSport Charger 12 Gen 3 12 Amp 2 Bank

    ProMariner ProSport Charger 12 Gen 3 12 Amp 2 Bank incorporates all-digital microprocessor control. Like no other, the ProSport Series provides automatic installation feedback with its exclusive "System Check OK" and individual "Battery Bank Trouble" LED indicators, and also has the most advanced energy saving mode.
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  • Striker Ice Climate Suit

    Striker Ice Climate Suit

    It Floats!

    The Striker Ice Climate Suit Is The Warmest And Most Versatile Cold Weather Fishing Suit Available Today!

    The Striker Ice Climate Suit is the Ferrari of premium ice fishing suits .... the most technologically advanced suits on the planet and the flagship of any ice fisherman's line-up!  Technological advantages like waterproof zippers, magnetic zip flap closures and smart pockets .... combined with SUREFLOTE™ flotation assistance in the shells and removable insulated liners .... let you fish smarter, longer, and safer! Important Note Regarding Climate Jacket Sizing! Climate Jackets run at least 1/2 size small for their size, consider ordering 1 size larger than normal for your typical fit!
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  • Ion X Electric Ice Auger

    Ion X Electric Ice Auger

    Special Offer -- For A Limited Time -- While Supplies Last! 

    FREE Extra Set Of Blades With Every ION X Auger -- A $50 Value -- Supplies Are Limited!  The re-designed Ion X is built for extra holes and increased precision.  The all-new 40V 5 amp-hour XC5 battery increases charge capacity by over 60%, allowing anglers to cut an astounding 1,600 inches of ice on a single charge.  Whether drilling new holes or re-drilling old, frozen holes, Ion X’s innovative cast bottom with centering point cuts more smoothly and accurately than ever before!
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  • Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor

    Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor

    No More Compromises!

    Step on the Minn Kota Ultrex Bow Mount Trolling Motor foot pedal and FEEL what power steering does for a trolling motor! Or tap the Spot-Lock button to stay on a fishing spot automatically!  The incredible new Ultrex is built with the most responsive, most intuitive steering ever and GPS-powered automatic boat control.  Change the way you fish forever --- no more compromises!

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Shop Minn Kota iPilots

The wireless GPS system that started it all, Minn Kota’s iPilot systems dial in the technology that dials in your boat control! Put features like Spot Lock and BlueTooth and a ton of other capabilities right at your fingertips. iPilot and iPilot LINK comes preinstalled on several Minn Kota motors, including Ultrex, Ulterra, Terrova and the new PowerDrive!