Best Ice Augers – Ion X and StrikeMaster Lithium 40V

Go back in time just a few years, and a good gas-powered auger was a staple for nearly every serious ice fisherman.  The power, speed and reliability of a 3HP or 2HP gas engine, spinning an 8- or 10- inch auger, was a key component for moving, finding fish, staying on fish, and being able to put in a full day on the ice.

Times have changed.  The gas and oil and noise and 2-stroke smoke of those gas-powered augers has been replaced by the power, speed, reliability and quiet cutting of today’s electric augers featuring lithium ion batteries.

The Ion Electric Auger from Ardisam was the first, and is still one of the best.  After that came the Ion X Electric Auger and the StrikeMaster Lithium 40V Electric Auger, both of which have higher capacity batteries for longer life and more holes.

The Ion X and StrikeMaster 40V are both available in 8- and 10- inch versions, and both feature high capacity 5-amp hour batteries that drill many holes through many inches of ice.  Remove the battery when not in use and keep it warm, and many fishermen will get a full day’s use out of just 1 battery.  Add a 2nd battery and you’re almost guaranteed to get in a full day of fishing, no matter how many holes you drill.

These augers have great track records – they’re strong, they’re reliable, and they work great!

And there’s an impressive list of benefits to ice fisherman …..

You don’t need to “start” electric augers, you don’t need to let them warm up, and you don’t need to listen to them idle between holes.  Ready to drill a hole?  Press the button and the drill turns instantly, at full power.  Finished drilling a hole?  Release the button and the auger stops.  They’re so quiet, the only thing you’ll hear is the auger blades shaving away the ice.  And there’s no smoke and fumes from electric augers so they’re ideal for drilling holes inside a shelter.

Plan on drilling a lot of holes?  These augers advertise 1,600 inches of drilling capacity — if you’re on 16 inches of ice, that’s 100 holes on a single battery charge.

Tired of lugging around that beast of a gas-powered auger?  These electric augers are lightweight, weighing in around 22 or 24 lbs, and are just as strong and durable as those heavy gas-powered workhorses.

Tired of scooping the slush out of all those holes you drilled?  These electric augers feature reverse …. simply drill your hole, hit the reverse switch, and flush the ice slush out of the hole and under the ice.

In a hurry to get fishing?  These electric augers cut through the ice just as fast as your buddy’s gas-powered auger, and you’ll be drilling holes while he’s still mixing gas and oil, filling the tank, priming and choking, and pulling pulling pulling away on the starter cord.

At Pro Fishing Supply, our pro staffer anglers use and recommend both the Ion X and StrikeMaster Lithium 40V augers.  Both augers have proven to be fast and reliable and to stand up to hard use on the ice.

Once again, we are offering a FREE extra set of auger blades (while supplies last) with any 8 inch or 10 inch Ion X or StrikeMaster 40V auger.  And for the 2018 season we have a special price on a 2nd battery for the StrikeMaster 40V auger (if purchased at the same time as the auger, while supplies last).

If you’re not sure one of these electric augers is right for you, do yourself a favor and check with the guys who are using them.  These augers are taking over a huge chunk of the ice fishing market, and on many days they’ll be the most common augers on the ice.  And as always, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on either of these augers.

Edited >> A great new option for 2018 is the Trophy Strike Ice Auger 120V – See more info at Fastest Ice Auger In The World?

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