Fastest Ice Auger In The World?

As far as we can tell, the Trophy Strike 120V Lithium Ion Ice Auger is the fastest ice auger in the world!  And it’s not even close!

We got to spend some time with these augers last season, and they are IMPRESSIVE to say the least.  They cut great. They’re fast. And quiet. They’re lightweight. They feel solid in your hand.  And they’re easy to use when wearing heavy gloves or mitts.

All in all, the Trophy Strike Ice Auger 120V is a pleasure to use and we’re looking forward to using them again this year!

The 120V Lithium battery, the brushless motor and the 5-gear planetary transmission spin this auger at 380 rpms.  That means fast and powerful ice drilling – up to 50% faster than the competition.  And battery life is outstanding, at least as good as the competition and probably better.  All that adds up to more holes drilled, and in less time …. and that adds up to more fishing!

The Trophy Strike Ice Auger gives you all the advantages of an electric ice auger! It’s quiet. There’s no gas or fumes. And it has reverse to clear the ice shavings and slush out of your ice hole.

Other great features of the Trophy Strike 120V Ice Auger are that its cutting point and centering ring make it great at reopening old holes, it comes with an auger extension, and it comes with a battery bag.  Maybe most impressive of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty — that’s right, a 5-year warranty on a power auger (1 year on the battery, 5 years on the auger itself).

The Trophy Strike 120V Ice Auger is a new player in the electric ice auger market, and it’s a solid auger that’s going to a make a run at being the best!

Trophy Strike Ice Auger 120VTrophy Strike Ice Auger Cutting Head