Fastest Cutting Ice Auger For Cordless Drills

New for the 2019 – 2020 Ice Fishing Season, StrikeMaster introduces the Lite Flite Lazer Drill Auger.

StrikeMaster has been a stalwart in the ice auger industry for years, first with their hand and gas augers, and more recently with their Lithium 40V battery powered auger.  Lazer ice augers and lazer blades from StrikeMaster have a long, proven track record of super-fast cutting and super-reliable performance.

Now StrikeMaster enters the cordless drill auger market with their Lite Flite Lazer Drill.  It features the same super-fast cutting lazer blades, paired with a lightweight but strong synthetic resin auger flighting.  The Lite Flite is engineered with synthetic compounds specifically designed for strength and durability, and takes advantage of the speedy Lazer blades and Power Point for quick, precise cutting.

They are designed to be used with any professional quality 18 volt (or higher) cordless drill with a half-inch chuck.  They can also be used with any StrikeMaster auger powerhead, including the Lithium 40V, and with any StrikeMaster auger extension.

The 6 Inch Lite Flite weighs only 4.4 lbs and the 8 Inch Lite Flite weighs only 5.3 pounds, making them perfect for anglers who value lightweight and portability.

And just like lazer blades on any powerhead, the Lite Flite Lazer Drill is fast —- as much as 2.5 times faster than other augers / other blade styles.  If you like watching side-by-side comparisons you can watch a speed test here.  If you don’t care about side-by-side comparisons, take it on faith that Lazer Drills cut as fast as any other augers out there …….

Here at Pro Fishing Supply we’ve been using Lazer augers for years, and we’re big fans of them.  We’ve always found them to be fast and reliable, and we’re looking forward to getting on the ice with the Lite Flite augers and expect them to perform exactly as advertised! ***

Click Here To Check Out The StrikeMaster Lite Flite Lazer Drill Auger!

*** Where we fish we’re usually not drilling through “dirty” ice, so the fact that dirty ice will quickly dull lazer blades is not really a concern for us.  And even though we don’t reopen a lot of old holes, contrary to popular belief you can do it with a lazer auger (the trick is to cant or lean the auger ever so slightly to one size, so you’re drilling part old hole part new hole and not bouncing off the sides of the old hole).