StrikeMaster Ice Suits – The Hottest Brand On Ice

There’s a new Ice Suit available for 2019-2020, and it’s a good one! StrikeMaster’s new suit comes in two versions, called the Surface Suit and the Battle Suit.  The only difference between the two suits (other than color) is that the Surface Suit is a floating ice fishing suit (the Battle Suit is the non-floating version).

Surface Suits feature StrikeMaster SOS (Stay On Surface) flotation technology, which when worn together (Jacket and Bibs) will keep you floating on the surface for two hours.

Battle Suits are non-floating suits, ideal for someone looking for top quality and features without the flotation (and/or the price tag that comes with it!).

We were excited to see the StrikeMaster Ice Suits in person, and they did not disappoint!  They are warm, windproof, waterproof and breathable.  The insulation and flotation materials are thin and comfortable, and not as stiff or bulky as we see in some of the other ice fishing suits on the market.  The quality looks like top shelf all the way!

Both suits are loaded with great features.  The oxford nylon outer material is tough and durable, and the inside lining is soft and comfortable.  The 160 grams of insulation are an ideal mix of weight and warmth for most ice fisherman.  High quality zippers, magnetic zipper flaps, fleece lined hand warming pockets, deep cargo pockets, full length leg zippers, and adjustable cuffs are just some of the other features in these well-designed jackets and bibs.

And one more great thing about these StrikeMaster Ice Suits – even though the quality and features will rival just about any other suits out there, the prices are very reasonable (even on the low side).  If you’ve had your eye on an ice suit for the last few seasons, you’ve probably seen prices going higher and higher each year.  But these new StrikeMaster suits will be priced around $300 for the Battle Suit and $400 for the Surface Suit.

If you’re in the market for a new ice suit this season, do yourself a favor and check out these new Ice Suits from StrikeMaster — we’re think there’s a lot there to like!

StrikeMaster Surface Suit SideStrikeMaster Battle Suit Side

StrikeMaster Surface Suit                                        StrikeMaster Battle Suit