Minn Kota Trolling Motors Featuring Built-In MEGA Side Imaging

Built-In MEGA Side Imaging is now available on select Minn Kota Ultrex and Ulterra trolling motors.  This latest innovation from Minn Kota allows anglers to see the clearest, most precise images of structure and fish in real-time, both directly below and to either side of their boat!

MEGA Imaging® operates in the megahertz range, providing three times greater detail than traditional 455 kHz frequencies. Adding Humminbird’s MEGA Side Imaging to Minn Kota trolling motors through the built-in MSI transducer results in the clearest, sharpest real-time images, without the need to run wires which can clutter up the installation and compromise the use of the trolling motor.

With Built-In MEGA Side Imaging, the transducer is housed in the motor’s lower unit and the wiring runs through the indestructible composite shaft providing clean rigging that is protected from.  Having the transducer integrated into the trolling motor allows anglers to see what is directly below the bow and to the side of the boat rather than off the transom, meaning anglers can make better informed decisions in real time.

Ultrex and Ulterra trolling motors with the new Built-In MEGA Side Imaging transducer are also equipped with i-Pilot® Link™ and work in the “One Boat Network” system.

Trolling motors with the new MSI transducer are fully compatible with MEGA Imaging and MEGA Imaging+™ equipped Humminbird fish finders. Anglers fishing with a MEGA Imaging+ Humminbird unit will get 20 percent more detail compared to MEGA Imaging.

An MKR-MI-1 Mega Imaging Adapter Cable is needed to connect the built-in MSI transducer to Helix units.  No adapter cable is needed to connect the MSI Transducer to Solix units.

Minn Kota MSI TransducerMinn Kota Ultrex Mega Side Imaging Transducer