K-Drill Augers at Pro Fishing Supply! Low Sale Prices and Free Shipping! K Drill 8 Inch Auger and K Drill 6 Inch Auger work with your cordless drill for fast, efficient ice drilling!

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  • K Drill Ice Auger – Save Up To $60.00 Now!

    On Sale Now! Save Up To $60.00 Now Plus Free Shipping! Designed specifically for the speedy revolutions of hand-hand cordless drills, the K-Drill Ice Auger weighs just 5 lbs yet quickly and easily slices through the ice!  Available in 6”, 7.5" and 8” models. Equipped with composite flighting, the K-Drill is strong and lightweight.  The unique flighting design stops messy ice shavings from being scattered far from the hole, keeping them off the floor of your fish house and making for easy clean-up.
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  • K Drill Ice Auger Extension

    Comes in 12" and 18" Versions. The standard K-Drill can auger through up to 36” of ice. When your ice conditions get a bit more challenging, an extension can be added to extend beyond three feet.
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  • K Drill Ice Auger Replacement Blades

    K-Drill Ice Auger Replacement Blades are made of the same high-carbon steel as the original blades on your K-Drill. Use these to replace worn out or damaged blades for super-fast cutting. Note:  The 7.5" Blade IDRLBL75 is identical to the 8" Blade (IDRLBL8) for the previous 8" K-Drill Auger and works with both 7.5" and 8" K-Drill Auger models!
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