StrikeMaster Bibs

StrikeMaster Bibs at Pro Fishing Supply! Low Sale Prices! Free Shipping! Popular models include the StrikeMaster Pro Bib, StrikeMaster Surface Bib, StrikeMaster Battle Bib, and the womens’ StrikeMaster Allie Bib!

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  • StrikeMaster Allie Bib

    On Sale Now! Save $60.00! Can Be Worn As Bibs Or Pants Thanks To The Zip Off Bib Tops It Floats! The women at StrikeMaster® wanted a suit that embraces all the features of the men's suit but tailored for a women's comfort and performance. We are proud to deliver the StrikeMaster® Allie Jacket and Allie Bibs that were concepted and developed by those avid women anglers who love the sport of ice fishing as much as anyone.
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  • StrikeMaster Battle Bibs

    On Sale Now! Save $80.00! New Color (Vintage) For 2022 Ice Season! Warm and comfortable and designed with the features needed to keep you out on the ice all day, StrikeMaster Battle Bibs give you reliable performance you can count on!
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  • StrikeMaster Pro Bib

    On Sale Now! Save $100.00! Durable RipStop Out Shell Repels Water And Remains Breathable It Floats! Staying warm and safe is a significant priority before trekking out onto the ice, which is why the StrikeMaster Pro Bibs are an essential piece of your ice fishing arsenal!
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  • StrikeMaster Surface Bibs

    On Sale Now! Save $80.00! New Colors For The 2022-23 Ice Season! StrikeMaster Surface – the name says it all!  “Surface” with S.O.S. (Stay On Surface) Flotation Technology assists you in floating for up to two hours when the Surface Jacket and Surface Bibs are worn together.  Designed for safety, warmth, dryness and loaded with features from head to toe! Check Out The StrikeMaster Surface Bib Closeout Sale On Here!
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  • StrikeMaster Surface Bibs Closeout Sale

    With Built-In S.O.S. Flotation Technology! On Sale Now! Save Up To $100.00! StrikeMaster Surface Bib Closeout Sale – Discontinued Color Only.  Sizes and Quantities are Limited!
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