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Striker Ice Jackets at Pro Fishing Supply! Low Sale Prices and Free Shipping!  Popular models include the Striker Ice Climate Jacket, Striker Ice HardWater Jacket, Striker Ice Predator Jacket, Striker Ice Trekker Jacket and Striker Ice Prism Jacket!

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  • Striker Ice Climate Jacket

    Striker Ice Climate Jacket

    It Floats!

    The Striker Ice Climate Suit Is The Warmest And Most Versatile Cold Weather Fishing Suit Available Today!

    Important Note Regarding Climate Jacket Sizing! Climate Jackets run at least 1/2 size small for their size, consider ordering 1 size larger than normal for your typical fit!
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  • Striker Ice HardWater Jacket

    Striker Ice HardWater Jacket

    On Sale Now - Save 25% While Supplies Last!

    It Floats!

    One Of The Most Popular Suits Every Ice Fishing Season!

    Striker Ice HardWater Jackets are the best of the best among premium ice fishing extreme weather jackets, combining flotation ability with staying warm and dry to give you the best ice fishing suit in the industry!  Featuring 150g of Thermadex insulation, Striker Ice HardWater Jackets earn a warmth rating of 9 on the Striker Ice scale!

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  • Striker Ice Predator Jacket

    Striker Ice Predator Jacket

    On Sale Now – Save 20% While Supplies Last!

    It Floats!

    One Of The Best Combinations Of Features And Functionality In An Ice Fishing Suit!

    The Striker Ice Predator Jacket is perfect for those who like to roam the ice, always moving, never stopping!  Predator's cross-flow ventilation and 100 grams of Thermadex solve one of the most fundamental problems on the ice --  keeping you warm, but not too warm, and without being too bulky!

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  • Striker Ice Prism Jacket

    It Floats! Designed specifically for women, the Striker Ice Prism Suit has you looking good and feeling good while keeping you warm and comfortable!  Featuring 150g Thermadex insulation and 150g SUREFLOTE flotation, the Prism Suit provides superior protection from the elements in even the coldest conditions!
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  • Striker Ice Trekker Jacket

    It Floats! The Striker Ice Trekker Suit is lightweight and warm enough to keep you warm in most conditions, and adding an additional warm layer underneath the Trekker Suit makes it warm enough for even the coldest days!
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