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Arctic Armor Suit


Limited Time Offer – While Supplies Last

Receive a FREE PAIR of Arctic Armor Gloves (worth $29.99) When You Order an Arctic Armor Suit (ie. Jacket and Bibs) ** 

Innovative Designs Inc. (I.D.I. Gear) and Pro Fishing Supply offer the Arctic Armor Suit, the Arctic Armor Camo Suit, the Arctic Armor Pro Suit, the Arctic Armor Plus Suit, and the Arctic Armor Blue And Black Light Suit, which revolutionize Ice Fishing, Hunting, Snowmobiling and any other outdoor cold weather activity.

The Arctic Armor Suit, the Arctic Armor Camo Suit, the Arctic Armor Pro Suit and the Arctic Armor Plus Suit feature 3 layers of I.D.I Gear’s exclusive thermal insulator INSULTEX™.  One layer of INSULTEX protects a person to sub-zero temperatures.  Multiple layers of INSULTEX provide practically unlimited levels of insulation.  These Arctic Armor Suits with INSULTEX are warm, windproof, waterproof, and buoyant – if you go into the water wearing an Arctic Armor Suit you will float!

The Arctic Armor Blue And Black Light Suit features 1 layer of thicker INSULTEX which provides 2/3 of the insulation found in the other Arctic Armor suits.  Designed for increased levels of activity and/or slightly warmer temperatures, the Arctic Armor Blue And Black Light Suit is lightweight and warm enough for most conditions, while wearing an additional warm layer underneath makes it warm enough for all conditions — and it will float you if you go into the water!

Special Note:  Arctic Armor Suits have become popular with Police and Sheriff Departments, Highway Departments, Water Patrols, Search and Rescue Units, DNR and Conservation Officers, and other professionals that make their living in cold, wet outdoor environments!  These guys know good gear when they see it!  The Arctic Armor Black Suit is a popular choice with many of these professionals!

Special Offer:  We have the I.D.I. Gear Half Zip Camo Jacket with INSULTEX on sale while supplies last. Save 50% or more on this incredibly warm and lightweight jacket, made with the same thermal insulator as Arctic Armor!

** Free Gloves offer applies to Arctic Armor Suits (ie. Jacket and Bibs) at regular prices only! Free Gloves are not available with jackets only, bibs only, or Arctic Armor Suits at sale prices!

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