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  • Ion Auger Extensions

    Ion Auger Extensions give you an extra 12 or 24 inches of drilling depth for thick ice conditions.  Perfect for use in wheel houses too!  For Gen 1 Ion and Ion X only (not compatible with Ion G2).
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  • Ion Auger Replacement Blades

    Ion Replacement Blades 8" and 10" blades.  "Straight-Through" blade design virtually eliminates catching when breaking through at the bottom of the hole, preventing jarring stops and yanking and twisting.  For Ion, Ion X and Ion G2 Augers.
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  • Ion Battery Bag

    Ion Battery Bag
    Store your batteries when not in use or in your auger.  Keep your batteries warm even in the coldest environments.
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  • K Drill Ice Auger Extension

    Comes in 12" and 18" Versions. The standard K-Drill can auger through up to 36” of ice. When your ice conditions get a bit more challenging, an extension can be added to extend beyond three feet.
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  • K Drill Ice Auger Replacement Blades

    K-Drill Ice Auger Replacement Blades are made of the same high-carbon steel as the original blades on your K-Drill. Use these to replace worn out or damaged blades for super-fast cutting. Note:  The 7.5" Blade IDRLBL75 is identical to the 8" Blade (IDRLBL8) for the previous 8" K-Drill Auger and works with both 7.5" and 8" K-Drill Auger models!
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  • Marcum 12V Universal USB Adapter Plug

    The solution to a host of power issues --- on the ice or anywhere you have a 12V battery with spade connectors! Compatible with all 12V power sources with spade connectors!  Note:  Battery NOT Included! The USB Adapter Plug is the perfect complement to the Marcum Brute Kit!
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  • Marcum Camera Panner

    Wired Camera Panner With 10 Foot Cord! ONE TOUCH 360º CAMERA ROTATION The Marcum Camera Panner is the easiest, most convenient way to rotate the lens of any Underwater Camera. Place the Camera Panner over an ice hole, grip the camera cable, and scan the entire underwater landscape using the remote control.
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  • Marcum Lithium BRUTE 12V 10AH LiFePO4 Battery And Charger Kit

    With half the weight and twice the run-time, the MarCum Lithium Brute shaves pounds while improving performance. In the past, increased run-time went hand-in-hand with heavier batteries. With the Brute, you get featherweight technology that does not sacrifice performance. Spend more time fishing, and less energy lifting. Marcum 12V Universal USB Adapter Plug
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  • Marcum Lithium Shuttle

    Add the long-life power of Lithium ION to your MarCum® sonar units. Compact, lightweight and long-lasting, the Marcum Lithium Shuttle, powered by a 12-volt 12-amp hour Lithium ION polymer battery, can extend your unit’s continuous run time up to 40 hours. Designed for MarCum® M-Series, LX-Series and I-Series flashers and digital sonar systems.
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