Marcum Pursuit SD Plus Underwater Viewing System


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Stunning detail that packs a pocket-sized punch!  On-Screen info includes direction, depth and water temperature! DVR features that support MP4!  Long-lasting Lithium battery!

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Marcum Pursuit SD Plus Underwater Viewing System

On Sale Now!  Save $80.00 And Get Free Shipping!

Marcum Pursuit SD Plus Underwater Viewing System sets the new standard in mobility, while adhering to technological innovations our cameras have always led with.  A 5” widescreen 720X480p high-res LCD monitor ensures you’ll never miss a bite, with stunning detail that packs a pocket-sized punch.  Included are all the on-screen reconnaissance details like temperature, depth, and absolute direction, along with DVR features like upgraded and universal MP4 capability and cyclical recording.  Anglers can now study a crisp view, all while recording the action on an SD card for later viewing and enjoyment.  We’ve packaged the technology complete with a built-in cable reel and a convenient ¼”-20 port at the bottom of the unit for endless mounting options.  Both additions add to the already rich feature-set of the Pursuit SD , making it as functional as it is fun.  Whether you’re mobile on ice or stationery in a fish-house, the Pursuit SD ’s rich feature set offers best-in-class tools with the functionality to benefit all anglers.

Marcum Pursuit SD Plus Features Include:

  • Display:  5″ Widescreen Flat Panel, Hi-Res Color LCD
  • Resolution:  800 x 480 Pixels
  • Camera:  CMOS Sensor, Dark Water LED & Infrared Lighting, 110° Field of View, Color Kill
  • Cable:  50 ft. Camera Cable
  • On-Screen Display:  Battery Status, Depth of Camera, Water Temperature, Camera Direction
  • Built-in MP4 DVR
  • Record to External Micro SD Card (up to 128GB)
  • Playback, Delete, and screen shot options available
  • Adjustable Brightness, Contrast, and Sharpness
  • Switchable Color & B/W
  • Digital Video Out
  • Built-in Sunshield & Screen Protector
  • Removable Camera & Cable Storage
  • Up To 6 Hours Continuous Runtime

Marcum Pursuit SD Plus Comes With:

  • Internal Lithium Battery
  • USB Charger Cable
  • Digital Video Out Cable
  • Deluxe Padded Red Soft Pack
  • One Year System Warranty

Model No:  PSD+, PSD Plus, Marcum PursuitSD+


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