Norsk 15AH Lithium Ion Battery


The Norsk 15AH Lithium Ion Battery is designed to provide 15+ hours of run time on the most popular flat-screen sonar units with display screens up to 7″.

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Norsk 15AH Lithium Ion Battery

What do you need to get the most out of your ice-fishing electronics and maximize your day on the ice? Power.  Reliability.  Light-weight efficiency.

The Norsk Lithium 15Ah Battery delivers.  Our best-selling lithium ion battery pummels the competition.  On its watch, most common sonar units with screens up to 7″ thrive with over 15 hours of runtime.

Weighing in at merely 2.6lbs, Norsk’s 15Ah lithium battery is more than three times lighter than a lead-acid battery equivalent.

When your flasher tells you the best bites are waiting across the lake, you don’t want to be stuck hauling acid across the frozen water.  You need to pack up and move.  Quickly.

The compact size (5.94 X 2.56 X 3.66 In) is expertly designed to be the perfect drop-in replacement to upgrade your ice-fishing electronics and provide the performance you deserve.

The Norsk Advantage

Outdoor fishing enthusiasts engineer our batteries.  We make the best rechargeable lithium-ion battery – because we want the best technology to power our passion.

We don’t have time or money to waste on cheap, unreliable, ancient batteries.

The Norsk 15Ah lithium ion battery will run for more than 1,000 charge cycles and comes with a two-year limited warranty.

The Standard Lithium Ion Battery Used By Humminbird

The Norsk 15Ah lithium ion battery is the standard power source for Humminbird’s Ice Helix 7 CHIRP GPS G4 All Season.

No battery on the market can compete with what Norsk Lithium offers.

Battery Monitoring System (BMS)

The Norsk 15Ah Lithium Battery comes equipped with a BMS system that makes it fool-proofed and worry-free.

The BMS won’t allow the battery to receive a charge until its internal temperature has warmed to a safe 32F.  Once it’s safe, the BMS will allow the lithium battery to recharge, and you’ll be on your way!

Our advanced BMS technology prevents your Norsk 15Ah lithium ion battery from overcharging.

Even if you completely hook up your lithium-ion battery charger to the wrong terminals, the BMS will prevent it from receiving any charge.

The BMS ensures cell balancing during discharge and charge cycles, low and high voltage cutoff, short circuit protection, and high-temperature protection.

Dual USB Ports

Just because cavemen caught fish doesn’t mean you must fish like a caveman.

The Norsk 15Ah Lithium battery’s pattent-pending, dual USB ports allow you to enjoy the outdoors in the 21st century.

These allow you to power your cell phone, go-pro, or nearly any USB-compatible device while your lithium battery powers your fish finder.

Battery Power Indicator

The Norsk 15Ah lithium battery has an enormous runtime.  But it will run out of juice.

With the LED power indicator, you can know when.  Just press the button, and the LED Power indicator will let you know how much power your lithium battery has left.

The Right Lithium Chemistry For The Right Application

Lithium-ion chemistry is the best choice for maximizing your ice-fishing experience.  Many lithium batteries will use LiFePO4 in their ice-fishing applications.

We also use LiFePO4.  It’s excellent.  But it has a slight weight problem.

Lithium-ion chemistry provides exceptional power while also offering a significant weight advantage.  Lithium-ion batteries have one of the highest energy densities of any battery technology currently available.

The Norsk 15Ah lithium battery is remarkably potent – and so light – you’ll barely notice it when you charge across the ice to the best spot for feeding time!

Lithium Battery Charger

Requires a 2A 12.6V Battery Charger.  Charger is NOT included with battery only, it must be purchased separately!

Model No. 20115N

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Norsk 15AH Battery

Battery Only, Battery And 2A 12.6V Charger


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